How Do I Sell My House In Florida Fast For Cash?

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Not involving middle person as realtors, appraisals and inspections and paying all cash we make the whole process faster and guarantee a higher offer for you! To sell your home fast for cash in Florida, we encourage you to educate yourself before you decide what your best options are.

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Tony and Sandy made the decision to sell my home much easier and faster then what I expected, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and professional with me!

– Patricia Davis

We can give you the highest possible offer for your house in AS IS condition for a matter of reasons

we are the final buyer and we cut out all the unnecessary fees other buyers may apply.

we consider your house after repair value, meaning the value that the house would have fully upgraded and in perfect condition

we personally repair and take care of all the necessary renovation to make the houses look new. no contractors, no employees, keep the construction costs low.

we make a modest profit, since we love our job we don’t need to get greedy lowering your offer.

And so on…..

I and my family are very impressed by Tony’s professionalism and knowledge in the buying and selling process. He will answer your questions in an incredibly clear way. Working with Tony is been the best choice we could have made.

– Yannis Ps

See how the numbers actually works on a house we recently bought, rehabbed and sold:

21840 SW 112th Ave, Miami, FL 33170

The Seller

Ms. Williams called us after a very frustrating situation with a realtor. She needed to sell fast having late payments on the mortgage. Her house was in bad conditions and it wouldn’t qualify for a ordinary sale through a bank. From the moment she called us took just 21 days to close and Ms. Williams have been able to buy and move to a beautiful house to Georgia. 

We purchased the house for $175,000 plus $15,000 attorney and bank fees to avoid her foreclosure. The rehab costs have been high in order for us to expand and renovate the house, around $85,000. We sold it after 1 year of work for $355,000 with our commissions and closing cost around 10%. Our net profit was roughly $44,000.

After Repair Value=$355,000 – Cost of Rehab=$85,000 – Selling/Closing Costs=$36,000 – Our Profit=$44,000

Her Cash Offer $190,000 (we paid all closing costs, and extra pre-foreclosure bank-attorney fees)

Not Sure About Selling? Just want to get a free cash offer?

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  • …Uncertain about the selling process…
  • …behind mortgage payments..
  • …issues about violations, liens or tax default…

Doesn’t matter what you doubts are about, we are here to explain and help you out!

Sell your house is not always easy, we know that. There are several components as emotional attachment, legal issues or worse. We experienced every possible situation and the sure thing is that we can offer you answers aside a fast solution with our experience and a great cash offer.

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We know your house true potential!

Over the years and thousands of hours rehabbing properties we have been able to minimize our renovation and transaction costs. This give to us  the chance to give you the highest cash offer. No middle men, no fees, no closing cost or commissions guarantee pure profit to you.

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Sure there are many options with your house but only one this fast, safe and remunerative and this is Home Florida Buyer. You could list your house with a realtor and wait for offers, fix it yourself and sell it at market price, rent it to tenants or wait for other cash buyers. The decision is yours! But keep in mind, we offer you a fast, cost and hassle free solution today. Don’t sit on it, Give us a call!

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